New Hampshire Vinyl Siding

New Hampshire Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a popular choice for New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Southern Maine and Southern Vermont homeowners who want to improve the looks of their home without painting.

We Offer The Next Generation Insulated Vinyl Siding

At Clear Choice Home Improvements, we know that, when you are considering remodeling your home, there are many decisions to make. Thanks to new technologies that blend intelligent design with exceptionally beautiful features, your best choice of siding is an easy one. For endearing looks and enduring performance at affordable prices; there’s no choice but the Alside Prodigy Vinyl Siding System offered by Clear Choice Home Improvement.

Baking sun, bitter cold, downpours, hailstorms, blizzards and hurricanes have met their match. Prodigy vinyl siding provides front-line protection against just about everything your meteorologist can throw at it.

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The contoured insulation prevents wind from getting under the siding to lift and teat it. It also cushions the siding against damage from hail and blown or thrown objects. Prodigy is also durable and dent resistent. Its fortified panel design delivers superior strength for a beautifully smooth finish. There is also no need to worry about sagging or warping that can occur with other traditional types of siding.

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Additional benefits:

  • Energy efficient design features EPS foam insulation (up to 1.5” thickness) that delivers outstanding R-Value performance that can help lower heating and cooling costs
  • Vinyl surface and secure seams repel the worst downpours, and the insulating layer “breathes” to resist water retention
  • Engineered vinyl surface resists fading, peeling and cracking
  • Prodigy’s durable surface and contoured underlayment stand up to impact from wind-blown objects, pounding hailstorms and other elements
  • The high performance finish beautifully resists scratching and abrasions from everyday wear and tear
  • Designed to stay securely fastened, with no tearing or rattling, even in extreme winds
  • 21 versatile colors of timeless subtlety and luxurious low-gloss finish
  • Prodigy is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty including an industry leading fade warranty.

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Prodigy Vinyl Siding Features

  • ProdigyComfortFactor - A Comfortable Home Year-Round Prodigy delivers outstanding all-weather protection and energy efficiency, thanks to the exceptional R-value of its industry-leading thermal barrier - up to 1 1/2" thick insulation,* the thickest EPS foam available in a one-piece insulated siding system. The highly effective ComfortFactor can help lower your heating and cooling costs while creating a comfortable and balanced interior climate all year long. Prodigy's high-density insulation also softens outside noise, yet breathes freely to reduce moisture retention.
  • ThermoSphere - Energy Gap Protection The science and craftsmanship behind Prodigy shine through in every detail. Incorporating special features such as RigidLock and TrueForm, Prodigy creates a powerful blanket of insulation around your home. Plus, most trim and accessories as well, further enhancing your home with a strong layer of protection while dramatically reducing potential energy gaps.
  • TrueForm - One-Piece Insulated Siding System Precision-contoured insulation- up to 1 1/2" thick* - bonds securely to the siding panel, creating an integrated system that delivers remarkable strength and energy efficiency. This highly engineered, insulated siding provides exceptional durability and the strength to withstand Mother Nature, while safeguarding against energy loss.
  • RigidLock - Secure Interlocking Panel Design Prodigy's innovative interlocking panel design provides a tight, secure connection between stacked panels. The locking mechanism features a tongue-and-groove coupling that seals the panels together and locks out the air and moisture. RigidLock also features a high-strength, fully rolled over, double-thick nail hem for panel rigidity and secure fastening. With RigidLock you can count on a safe, secure installation, a more stable final product and an exterior cladding that will stand up to almost anything.
  • MonoWallIntegrity - Structurally Independent Wall System Ordinary siding has little intrinsic strength. Thanks to its rigid, precisely fitted inulsation and innovative RigidLock secure interlocking panel design, Prodigy panels can be stacked one atop another without toppling, creating a sturdy wall that can nearly stand on its own. When you specify Prodigy, you get the superior performance and durability of MonoWallIntegrity for beautiful, long lasting installations.
  • TrueCourse - The Look of Hand-Installed Boards Prodigy is designed and manufactured to capture the look of single, hand-installed boards. Courses are engineered with a straight and true, virtually flat face on the double 6" clapboard and single 7" profiles, and an elegant coved face on the double 5" dutch lap panel. A deep 3/4" butt height lends further dimension by creating sharp, bold edges and dramatic shadow lines. The precisely contoured insulation serves to keep it that way for good by filling out and supporting the profile. TrueCourse differentiates Prodigy, and imparts a rich, premium appearance.
  • ExtendedLength - More Panel. Less Seams 39% longer than a standard 12' panel, the 16'8" Extended Length panel design provides fewer installation overlaps for a straighter, cleaner finish.
  • TrueWoodLook - Crisp, Clean and Subtle We drew our inspiration from nature and designed Prodigy with a less-is-more sensibility. The look and feel of Prodigy is an important statement of credibility and taste. Crisp, clean and subtle, the appearance of finely milled wood attracts admiration without seeking attention. The understated look is timeless and genuine.

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Our services range from window replacement to siding repairs and installation. All of our home improvement experts are dedicated to working with you to implement an affordable home solution that meets your needs.

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