Case Studies

Case Studies

These homeowners had a few leaks in their roof, and needed it replaced.
Homeowners old roof was severely leaking, this called for an estimate for a new roof. The damage came from a previously done roof installation from another company that did...
Home owners old Harvey windows were becoming hard to shut and still were not very well insulated letting out a lot of heat in the winter and letting out ac in the summer.
Homeowners windows had broken seal, were drafty, let a lot of heat out, and mold in-between some of the broken seals.
This homeowner's old window frames were a little rotted, and the majority of the windows were not well insulated and drafty.
Customer was looking to replace original tub to a shower for safety reasons.  While installing, we discovered major water damage from the tub that was original to the...
Old windows were rotted and needed to be replaced. Rotted wood can spread to the structure of the house. It also lets in moisture that can cause mold and health problems for...
The homeowners had old rotted, peeled paint, shakes. They cause poor security from moister getting in the home and insulation.
Customer was experiencing problems with pest infestation as well as energy loss due to lack of insulation.  Mice and bugs were entering the home through cracks in the...
Customer was experiencing cold draft in the home from the windows.  Windows were original to the home and extremely outdated.  They were thin, hard to close, hard...
Rain and melting ice on the roof would always be running down the house pouring on the deck, plant bed, and foundation around the house. This was causing rot on the deck,...
This home had rotting siding and peeled paint all over. On a home from 1890, you need to spend lots of time, and money, to keep up with or replace siding or any other older...
Homes Shakes were all rotted and peeled paint. This causes unwanted elements, and pests to breech through the homes exterior due to a weekend and rotted siding.
Homeowners wanted windows installed in their screened in back porch. During the cold seasons it was not comfortable to lounge and relax in their screened in porch and would...
We needed to replace old 3-tab Shingles on the homeowners home.
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