Efficient Replacement Windows in Manchester, Merrimack, Bedford, NH

Eliminate drafts and enhance your home's appearance with our windows

Replacement windows are a beautiful upgrade for your home's appearance & energy-efficiency.

Notice any uncomfortable drafts in your home? Do you have windows with chipping paint, or ones that get stuck when you open and close them? These are all significant signs that you are in desperate need for some new windows.

Clear Choice Home Improvements install high quality replacement windows that will not only prevent drafts, but will also cut heating and cooling costs in half due to their energy-efficient properties. Our windows are built by top manufacturers and are specifically engineered to look beautiful and function even better than they look.

Our windows are available for homes in Manchester, Merrimack, Bedford and surrounding areas of New Hampshire. If you are interested in beautiful, new windows, give us a call today! 

Before and After
  • Pepperell MA, Windows Installation
    Pepperell MA, Windows Installation

    This Pepperell, MA homeowner was getting tired of her old windows being drafty and hard to open. We installed our insulated Park Avenue windows.

  • Milford, NH Windows Installation.
    Milford, NH Windows Installation.

    The old windows of this Milford, NH home were drafty and homeowners were looking for a more energy efficient option.

  • Milford NH, Windows Installation
    Milford NH, Windows Installation

    Homeowners old original to home windows let a lot of heat out and were not efficient.

  • Nashua NH, Bay Window
    Nashua NH, Bay Window

    Homeowners original Bay windows seams were gaped causing any outdoor window and cold air to enter right into the home.

  • Merrimack, NH Window Replacement
    Merrimack, NH Window Replacement

    This Merrimack homeowner was suffering from old, drafty, hard to clean windows that were original to her home. After a short inspection, our professionals provided the perfect solution at an affordable cost. This homeowner won't be suffering from insulation problems any longer!

  • Merrimack Window Installation
    Merrimack Window Installation

    The old windows were getting hard to open and clean, they also would let out heat in the winter. The bay window was old and the home owner wanted to be able to open the bay to let some air into their Marrimack home.

  • Merrimack NH, Window Installation
    Merrimack NH, Window Installation

    The Merrimack, NH homeowners replaced all of their homes windows to prepare for the winter and lower their heating bill by further insulating the home with Park Avenue windows.

  • Hartland VT, Window Installation
    Hartland VT, Window Installation

    From frame rot, to drafts, to old windows, this homeowner had us replace his windows and repair any rot on the frames. With new windows, he'll now have the energy efficiency and insulation he needs for those cold Vermont winters. He was satisfied with the process from start to finish! 

  • Wilmington MA, Windows Installation
    Wilmington MA, Windows Installation

    Homeowners of this Wilmington, MA had most of the homes windows replaced and need the picture windows, double hung, and a bathroom window replaced. 

  • Goffstown NH, Windows Installation
    Goffstown NH, Windows Installation

    This homeowners called for an estimate to have their windows replaced. Our professional team replaced their old windows with Park Avenue Insulated windows. These windows will help prevent drafts and keep their energy bill down.

  • White River Junction, VT Window Replacement
    White River Junction, VT Window Replacement

    These old drafty windows needed replacement to make the customer more comfortable in their home Replacing old hard to clean windows with our Park Avenue's insulating glass windows was the best solution. These windows are well insulated and easy to clean.

  • Lawrence MA, Windows Installation
    Lawrence MA, Windows Installation

    These Lawrence, MA homeowners' old original home windows were very drafty and and would let the cold in even when shut.

  • Manchester NH, Windows Installation
    Manchester NH, Windows Installation

    These Manchester homeowners wanted windows installed in their screen room so he can enjoy it during all 4 seasons.

  • Manchester, NH Window Replacement
    Manchester, NH Window Replacement

    The original windows in this Manchester, NH home were not insulated well, and were affecting this homeowner's heating/electric bill. This was due to the windows letting out a lot of heat in the winter, as well as central air in the summer. After giving us a call, we quickly moved to install insulated windows with an improved design and energy efficiency!

  • Washington NH, Windows Installation
    Washington NH, Windows Installation

    The Washington, NH home had old windows with broken seals and did not keep any heat in the home.

  • Haverhill MA, Windows Installation
    Haverhill MA, Windows Installation

    The old windows of this Haverhill, MA were getting hard to close during the muggy season were the wood swells up and were very drafty in the winter and cold seasons.

  • Raymond NH, Windows Installation
    Raymond NH, Windows Installation

    Old windows in this Raymond home were hard to open, drafty, and the bow window was even more drafty. The home owner will no longer have to wrap his window in the winter.

  • Deerfield, NH Windows Installation
    Deerfield, NH Windows Installation

    This Deerfield, NH home had a finished basement window needed an energy efficient upgrade to keep the heat in the basement.

  • Hampton NH Windows Installation
    Hampton NH Windows Installation

    Old Windows had rotted frames and were not insulated well.

  • Laconia NH, windows Installation
    Laconia NH, windows Installation

    This Laconia home had old windows that had broken seals and and some cracks. (Before photo shows the crack.)

Replacement windows will help your home

Here at Clear Choice Home Improvements, we have many different styles of windows to choose from, all with added benefits for your home's efficiency and well-being. Below are the reasons you should definitely consider window replacements for your home.

  • Energy-efficiency: New windows will seal your home and make it airtight. This means you won't lose conditioned air in the warmer and cooler months when you are heating or cooling your home.
  • Improved aesthetics: New windows look beautiful, especially when you pick a style that complements the other exterior elements of your home, such as your siding and roof. Replacement windows are noticeable, adding a dramatic difference from windows that are worn down and chipped or cracked.
  • Increased home value: Replacement windows greatly increase the value of your home, whether its for personal gain or you're looking to resell your home.
  • Comfort & safety: Our replacement windows will reduce noise, making it easier for you and your family to enjoy spending time inside. The enhanced comfort replacement windows bring is measured by the amount of natural light you'll gain and drafts you'll lose. You and your family can enjoy a quiet, comfortable and safe home with windows that easily lock and allow natural sunlight when the curtains are open.


Park Avenue's triple pane insulating glass and easy care design offer a variety of window options for your home. Every window also feature a Multi Chambered Construction, making them 300% stronger then the average window. 

Park Avenue Triple Pane Windows

Park Avenue provides a full line of vinyl replacement windows that offer a number of great benefits to your home:

  • Multiple styles and colors to choose from
  • Outstanding thermal performance for increased energy efficiency
  • Excellent durability and structural integrity
  • E3-Max Glass for optimum Energy Star rating
  • Multi-point locking systems
  • Invisi-Screen that provides improved view and light allowance

Customer Testimonials
  • "I am most satisfied with the quality, timeliness and pricing." Read Full Testimonial

    Scott and Paulette T. of Stow, NH

    Customer Testimonial

              I am most satisfied with the quality, timeliness and pricing.
    Scott and Paulette T.
    Stow, NH
  • "Clear Choice did an amazing Job installing our windows." Read Full Testimonial

    John, Mandy D. of Nashua, NH

    Customer Testimonial

              Clear Choice did an amazing Job installing our windows. Lary was very professional and did an excellent job putting in our new windows.
    John, Mandy D.
    Nashua, NH
  • "The contractor that did the windows gave me clear communication as far as what his plan was and what I could..." Read Full Testimonial

    Adriana P. of Lowell, MA

    Customer Testimonial

              The contractor that did the windows gave me clear communication as far as what his plan was and what I could expect
    Adriana P.
    Lowell, MA
  • "We live by the airport and the planes flying over the house was very loud and the insulated windows actually..." Read Full Testimonial

    Joyce and Doug B. of Merrimack, NH

    Customer Testimonial

              We are very happy with our new windows, they keep the cool in during the summer and the heat in during the winter. We also love the improved noise reduction the house has, we live by the airport and the planes flying over the house was very loud and the insulated windows actually dampen all the outside noises a bit.
    Joyce and Doug B.
    Merrimack, NH
  • "The installer did a remarkable job. He was very thoroguh." Read Full Testimonial

    Jackie and Don C. of Merrimack, NH

    Customer Testimonial

              The installer did a remarkable job. He was very thoroguh.
    Jackie and Don C.
    Merrimack, NH
  • "I think I would give a shout out to the lady (Naomi) in the service office who answered all of my questions..." Read Full Testimonial

    Maryellen M. of Merrimack, NH

    Customer Testimonial

              I think I would give a shout out to the lady (Naomi) in the service office who answered all of my questions and responded to my calls very quickly and checked up on everything. The two installers were also very good, no dilly dally, no breaks, went right to work. The way they took the time to perfectly fit the windows into place. A lot of friends have come by the house and they are impressed with how the new framing looks like it fits right in with everything, as if it was meant to be there and not a replacement window.
    Maryellen M.
    Merrimack, NH

We have multiple replacement window options to choose from

When replacing the windows on your home, we can help you find the right style and type. Insert replacement windows can fit perfectly into your old frame. They are economical and easy to install, without the hassle of removing the old interior or exterior moldings. They are also easy to wash and maintain.

Sash kits are another option for a quick and economical replacement. Just like insert-style windows, the old frame remains. Because sash kits have no frame of their own, they simply slide on vinyl jam liners that are fastened to the existing jamb. However, sash kit windows are only an option where window frames are sound and square. They also tilt for easy cleaning and maintenance.

There are also full-frame replacement windows that require the removal of moldings, which increases labor. However, their advantage is that they do not shrink the visible opening the way insert replacements do, allowing you to increase or decrease window size.

Contact us today for new windows!

Clear Choice Home Improvements proudly serves Lawrence, Lowell, Portland, Merrimack, Haverhill, Peabody, Concord and nearby. Contact us today at 1-844-296-3306 or by filling out a form online and we can get you started with a free estimate on replacement windows!

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